Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Photo's 2008

A nice shot of my sister and I. Amy came along to help coax smiles and laughter from the kids, and Phil was kind enough to take a few of Amy and I

Daddy and Landon share a quiet moment~

Mama and her baby girl. Brynne looks like a doll in this picture I think~

I LOVE this picture! One of my favorites ever of my sister and I. We were laughing very hard because Phil kept asking us to get closer and closer. SO cute!

Perhaps my favorite shot of the entire day! I LOVE it!~

This picture captures perfectly the love that Landon has for Brynne. You can see the happiness in his face and the kindness in how he is holding her hand~

Here we have just a few of the choices we have for our 2008 Holiday Cards. I already know which one is our favorite...Which one(s) do you like???~
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7

Option 8

We had a great day with Phil, as usual, and have some AMAZING pictures to look back on forever. Our family pictures are always the perfect way for our family to start the Holiday season. As he sends me more I will continue to post them. But, so far, I think I have a definite favorite for our cards.


Amanda said...

Serioulsy, those are SO beautiful I couldn't even pick a favorite. They are ALL favorites. You have the cutest family and Phil captures perfect moments that's for sure! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

Becoming Me said...

Lovely photos...I couldn't pick a favorite either. Your family is so beautiful and you and your sister are gorgeous...such striking eyes and clear skin!

Terri said...

What great family photos! You and your sister are beautiful!!! They are ALL very nice!

Mindy said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! These pictures are just amazing!!!

My faves are #2 and #7. They are ALL good!!! Just love them!!!!!!

What a beautiful family! And the ones of you & your sister...PRICELESS!!! Ya'll are gorgeous!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

My Favorite is Option 5, but they all turned out great! The picture of you and your sister is just two should be models!

Jennifer said...

5 and 7 FOR SURE!!! Gorgeous pictures!!

The White Family said...

Option 5 is my fav! Your family is so beautiful and you and your sister could do some modeling.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Stop by my site for a little surprise for you!

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures, what a beautiful family! And I adore your blog!