Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big. Baby. News.

This is me. This is me with the 'gender cake' I made for my sister and her husband Nathan.

This was my first attempt using fondant. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out! I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, and can usually make ANYTHING with a recipe. I was pretty nervous about working with the fondant, but it was pretty easy and I loved how it turned out.

I cut out over 60 of these pink and blue hearts! Cute right?!

A gender cake is used to reveal the sex of the baby, usually at a baby shower, or family gathering. My sister and her husband Nate are expecting their first baby!! That's right, I am going to be an Aunt again. This time it is VERY special to me because me sister is my best friend and a wonderful Aunt to my two kids who ADORE her! I can't wait to have such a great relationship with her baby too!
Here are the two Grandma's-to-be! Elaine, Nathan's mom on the left and Terry, my mom on the right. They were ready to cut into that cake and couldn't wait another minute!

What's it going to be?? PINK or BLUE??

It's a BOY!!!! Yep, Amy and Nate are expecting a sweet baby boy in February!
These happy Grandma's couldn't have been more shocked! EVERYONE was so sure it was a girl! Not this Auntie though, I knew it was a boy from the day Amy told me she was expecting.
I love all of the expressions in these pictures. SHOCK on everyone's faces!
In other baby news, our best friend Clair is also expecting, and is only about 4 weeks behind Amy. I am SO blessed to have these amazing girls in my life. Our friendship has stood the test of time. I can't wait to be an Auntie to their precious babies! 2010 can't get here fast enough!
Amy, Clair, and I~
it should be a clear indication of how much I love these two by the fact that I am posting this HORRIBLE picture of myself on MY blog!

It's no secret that I am having a hard time dealing with my own 'baby' turning 2 in January. I am SO excited to be surrounded by babies again, and can't wait to spoil these babies (and their Mama's) rotten!
Love you Amy!
Love you Clair!


Leslie said...

You are truely a awesome friend and sis!!! Cant wait till they are born so you can post pics on your blog!!

p.s love that cake!

Mindy said...

Well, I would have been really excited when I saw the title of this post...thinking it was YOU, but I already knew about your sister (from FB remember?). I'm excited for her, too, though!!!

The cake looks AWESOME! I am so impressed with your talents!

A sweet baby boy...I happen to be quite fond of those. Oh and I love being an Aunt, too!!!

Ginnie said...

The cake looks great! You did a fantastic job. I've never heard of a gender cake but it's really a cool idea. I agree with Mindy, when I saw the title I was thinking it was you!! Great pics of the cake cutting! BTW: so NOT a bad pic of you at the end there!!

Becky said...

What a beautiful cake...and a cute idea. I've never heard of a gender cake before!

How fun to have a little nephew on the way!