Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Stuff

Landon started his morning off by standing in the backyard in his pajamas singing Happy Birthday at the top of his lungs. I hope the neighbors slept through it. If not, maybe they will think we have a birthday today and will bring gifts. I like gifts.
The weather is quickly changing, and I can see hints of fall. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, the air is cooler and crisp, and the days just get shorter and shorter. Maybe fall is not near at all. Maybe the days just get shorter and shorter because I am losing my mind with 2 toddlers?
Khloe Kardashian why oh WHY must you marry your NBA boyfriend, whom you have been dating barely a month?? That's not nearly anough time to get to know somebody. Atleast date him for a full 6 months, like I did my husband.
--------------- After a full week of dog-sitting for my parents while the assholes vacationed in Hawaii I have decided that our family is definitely not ready for a dog! Not only are we not ready for a dog, but we are not ready for a cat, hamster, or even a goldfish. Their two dogs barked (LOUDLY) at every noise the kids made. The kids would not leave the dogs alone and chased them around all day, every day. The dogs aren't used to having kids around, the kids aren't used to having dogs around, and I'm not used to being a referee between dogs and kids. I am more than happy to have helped my parents out by dog sitting, they do SO much for us. 2 dogs + 2 kids = a lot of work. Thankfully they are back from Hawaii and I am back home to ,relative, peace and quiet. Only 364 days until your Hawaii 2010 trip right guys? Love You!
Have I mentioned that one of the only things that hubby and I argue about are the expiration dates on food? I throw everything away if it is not consumed by 12:01am on the date printed for expiration on the packaging. He claims that retailers use expiration dates as a "way to get us to buy more of their products." Whatever. I think my phobia of old products started when I was a teenager. I was about 15 or 16, if I remember correctly, I made a turkey sandwich, grabbed some Cheetos and a Dr. Pepper and sat down to watch Saved by the Bell. I literally looked down at the sandwich as I picked up the last bite and there was mold all over it! OH.MY.GOSH. I had just ate moldy bread! I freaked out, almost puked right there on the couch, and ran to the pantry. The loaf of bread had mold all over it, how I missed that while making my sandwich I don't know. It was a rarity to see anything moldy or expired in our house growing up. With 3 growing teenagers, one of whom was a boy with and endless appetite, there was rarely anything that ran its cycle and had time to expire. Ever since that day I check each piece of bread carefully and do not eat anything that has expired or is close to expiring. Husband thinks I am crazy and has gotten angry more than a few times when I toss out the yogurt or sour cream that expired only the day before. Little does he know I am most likely saving him from certain death!
Have you seen these Websites?
If not, check them out immediately.
They are FREAKIN' hilarious!
You're welcome!
People of Wal-Mart -Actual pictures that readers send in from Wal-Mart stores all over the country. Pretty darn funny.
Lamebook -Actual Facebook postings that people see and send in. This website can sometimes be foul or vulgar, so consider yourself warned.
STFU Marrieds -Married people on Facebook and all their annoying status updates.
STFU Parents -Same website only with the annoying status updates of parents.


Mindy said...

You crack me up!

I'm the SAME way about expiration dates and Troy is like your husband. Maybe it's a man thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way about expiration dates, especially with milk. My husband laughs and says the milk doesn't go bad at 12:01. I beg to differ!

Amanda said...

OMG, I am dying laughing and Ben is looking at me like I am looney or something. I Am Completely With You On Experations. I FREAK out and am always always always checking the packaging, experations, smelling, inspecting, you name it. I even have Ben obsessed about it now too, lmao!

Everything else you wrote about... HI-LA-RI-OUSSS!

Organic Meatbag said...

Why are the Krdashians considered "celebrities"? Why, for the love of all that's sacred?!