Saturday, September 19, 2009

Melt my heart

Sno Cone, n.
A confection made of crushed ice and flavored syrup inserted into a paper cone and mounded on top.

Is there any better

way to end
a great summer

than by having

Sno Cones on

a HOT day

with your cousins

in the park?



Following HIM said...

LOVE it :)

Mindy said...

This is a great post! All such beautiful children!!!

Do you know my crazy kids won't eat snow cones?!?

Mindy said...

I reviewed your definition & spelling...
I should have said SNO cones!

Erin said...

What cute Nephew and Niece we have! I heard that Katherine made a goal this weekend! Maybe someday we will be invited to a game too..... I know I ALWAYS say this but Landon and Joshy could be twins!! The Payne genes are very prominent =) How are the parents doing in Hawaii? I hitched a ride in their suitcase if I were you lol!! Have a good day!