Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Playing catch up...

I haven't had much time to blog these past few days. Southern California has numerous wildfires burning and the air quality where we live is HORRIBLE! It's raining ash and the sky has been smoky all week. Needless to say I have been keeping the kids indoors. It's a hard adjustment for us. We are usually on the go all day every day! I have noticed that the forced time indoors has made the kids more tolerant of each other. They even played together in Landon's room yesterday for over an hour, quietly, with no fighting! GASP! I was loving it and got a lot of cleaning done.
Brynne is 19 months. We started trying to potty train Landon when he was about 20 months, if I remember correctly. Travis and I swore we wouldn't even begin to try and potty train Brynne until she was about 3. I am getting the itch though. Should I shouldn't I?? I really want to try, but once I start I can't stop!

I'm in the middle of a phase where I want to redecorate every inch of our home. We haven't even lived here 2 years yet. I think that because we bought the house in such bad shape, and because we have spent every extra penny and extra minute doing cosmetic work, that I am sick of not doing anything to decorate. I am on a hunt for new furniture, new paint colors, new drapes, and so on and so forth...at least Landon's room is done!

I made a small dent in my shopping for fall clothes for the kids. Thankyouverymuch Old Navy, i heart you! It was while I was shopping for Brynne that I realized that she will be 2 in just over 4 months!!! Did you read that correctly?? My BABY will be TWO in January. So sad ):

I have been asking Daddy for the past two days to go to Disneyland with the kids and I this evening. So far he has responded with various grunts and sighs. Not his favorite place...what is wrong with him I don't know! How can you not love Disneyland? Hopefully a nice kiss and a big hug when he gets home from work will help him say "Why yes honey, I would LOVE to spend a lovely evening at Disneyland with you and our sweet children!" Ahhh, let's just hope he lets out a grumble that resembles a yes, and to Disney we will go!
Hope all of my blogger friends are doing well. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with each of your lives! I will definitely be doing that soon (:

Oh, and what's a post without a picture?

Or two??


Mindy said...

What cutie pies in those pics!

I pray those wildfires end soon for you guys. I can't imagine. I've been thinking about ya'll.

You take care and have fun decorating! Show us what you do!!!

Team Millward said...

No way, your husband is not the only one. Mine hates going to DLand too! LAME! I really hope those fires get under control soon. Everyone keeps talking about how awful it is.
I love, love, love our bedroom set.You don't really get the whole picture but we got it here at a place called American Furniture Warehouse, but it's made by Ashely Furniture and I'm pretty sure it's on their website. It was pretty much the only one that I loved!
Your kids are absolutely darling!