Monday, January 25, 2010

Because everybody loves an update!

I am happy to finally report that the kids are healthy again! After a full week of the pukes I am SO relieved that we are again germ free...well, as germ free as a house with 2 toddlers can be.
Brynne has her 2 year well visit with the ped tomorrow and I am so excited to see how much she has grown! She is always at the very bottom of the curve for her height and weight, but lately she seems to be, I dunno...bigger!? At least I thought so, until we were at Subway getting lunch this afternoon. The lady behind the counter asked me if she was 18 months old yet. I said yes, she's actually two. Silence. Yep, I get it. I know she is small. Whatever.

So I am still shredding. I started on January 13th, and 12 days into this I have only missed 2 workouts. That's pretty good considering the week we had around here! I have yet to move onto level two, and some days feel like I will never get there. I am proud of my consistency though, and am seeing some changes in my body already. My legs are definitely looking more toned. I have lost a tiny bit around my waist, and have lost 4 lbs. already. S0 far so good.

With the crazy storms that Southern CA saw this past week we got 7" of snow. Have I mentioned that I.Hate.Snow? It is slowing melting off and we are dealing with the runoff now. Water drips off the roof all day long, it is muddy and nasty outside, and our front lawn looks like a swamp straight out of Louisiana. Not to mention we are expecting another storm tomorrow night. Lovely. I can't wait for Spring!

My nephew is due to make his grand entrance into this world in just 3 weeks! I am getting SO excited and have started to get nervous every time the phone rings and it is my sister! I have horrible baby fever right now, and my hubby is hoping that the arrival of both my sister's baby and her best friends baby, a month later, will cure my wants! Ya, we'll see...

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday. I will be back tomorrow to post after Brynne's Dr. Appt.

Auntie, Brynne, Mama

I still can't believe she is two!!


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Congrats on losing 4 pounds! That is great! I wanna lose some. I'm finally getting back on track with the Shred, after a little over a week off. :(

Glad your kiddos are finally better!

Make sure you post some pics of the nephew when he gets here. :)

And Saylor is super tiny too. ALWAYS has been. She finally started to gain a few months after she turned 2. She'll be 3 in June, and she finally weighs 27 pounds. See, tiny. And I always get those SAME questions. Except Saylor talks A LOT, so she seems older.

Anonymous said...

My little one got a big FAIL! at the doctor's office today. She's in the 5th percentile. She's always been tiny. The doc told us to kick up the dairy and meat. She's stubborn though. She doesn't want to eat anything.