Saturday, January 16, 2010

She's a BIG girl now!

Just 2 days before her 2nd birthday Brynne went from this:
to this:

Coincidentally, I went from this:
to this:
Rough day!


Don Payne said...

Yes... they learn to spread their wings all too soon. Just check out how happy and excited she looks. That should cure an aching heart, yes?

Love you!!!

Wendy said...

ALREADY?? My little one turns two next Saturday. Haven't even thought about putting her in a toddler bed yet. She hasn't attempted to climb out of the crib I'm waiting....

Kristin said...

Oh noooooo. I am dreading that. The dude is 18 mos. It's coming isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Did she have a hard time with the transition or just you? I sound like every parent and grandparent in the world, but THEY GROW UP SO FAST!