Monday, January 4, 2010

Why do I do this to myself?? WHY?

Guess what we are starting...

Potty training Brynna is officially starting today.
Call me's all right, my husband does.
I am driven by the thought of never having to buy diapers again.
This will no doubt be a stressful, looong week.
Please send positive thoughts my way...
and food and chocolate because we will be stuck in the house all day every day.
Somebody will most likely end up crying on the floor in the fetal position.
Me, or Brynne? Only time will tell.


Following HIM said...

Good luck...I'll start sending good thoughts to you now!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Is she that excited to use the potty or is she that used to cheesing it up for the camera?

Jennifer said...

Good Luck!!! I can't really say that I have any words of wisdom for you. My daughter was SOOOOO easy to train. For real. I bought some big girl panties one day & put them on her. I told her that if she has to go potty that she can't go in her big girl panties or else her legs would get wet. She only had a few accidents, but she was trained in less than a week. She was 2 yrs old. She is now 10. Seems like so long ago. Hope all goes well!!!

Mindy said...

HA! Good luck! It's so worth it!!! She sure looks cute on that pink potty!