Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brynne's 2nd birthday party!

Now that we have managed to get over the pukes around here, I have a lot to catch up on. Most importantly being the few pictures that I do have from Brynne's 2nd birthday party. Like I said before, poor little girl got sick in the middle of her party. This Mama spent a lot of time, cleaning, cuddling, and just making sure that she was ok. Pictures were the last thing on my mind.
The party started out great!
Brynne was so excited and was happy to see all of our friends and family~

Brynne and Pop Pop~
looking at these pics now I can see that by this time she had started to not feel well.

I'm sure the fact that she was sucking on a juice box didn't help the stomach flu~
My great family.
Mom, Matthew, Me, Dad, Amy (and baby Ryder!!)

OK, this was after the pukes had started and after she'd had a bath...yes, in the middle of her birthday party. Poor, sweet girl looks so sick/sad here. Talk about breaking Mama's heart. Let's just say I moved her away from the cake just in the nick of time!
Trying to get a decent picture with our birthday girl. She was so miserable.
A few hours later, after the guests had left and Brynne had napped, she somehow found enough energy to open a few of her gifts. She was as excited as a sweet girl with the flu can be.
Landon was a big help to Brynna and took extra good care of his sick sister on her birthday!
Yep, baby girl opened her presents on a towel, with a bowl sitting just out of the shot. Not fun!
She opened one or two, took a break to get sick again, rest a few minutes, and open another one or two. We went on like this until each gift was unwrapped.

So excited about her new doggy toy! This was the biggest smile we saw all night.

Poor baby girl. This picture makes me so sad.

No birthday cake or cupcakes for this 2 year old Princess!!

Nope, this birthday girl celebrated her 2nd birthday with a popscicle.
And even that didn't go so well.
My heart was breaking for my girl on her big day. Brynne was SO excited for this party. Mostly because Landon had been talking it up for weeks. She was so happy to see all of the Minnie Mouse party stuff in the store, and helped me pick out everything. She was SO happy when the bounce house arrived and she giggled and watched out the window as the guys set it up. She couldn't wait for her 'fwens' to come over and sing 'Happeee Birdaay' to her.
We will definitely make up for it next year, and make sure Brynne's 3rd birthday party is a FUN celebration for our sweet girl. I know the day was way worse for me than it was for anybody else. But can I just say that we have the best friends and family. Everyone was so understanding and so concerned about Brynne. Thank you so much to everybody who made this very stressful day, even the tiniest bit easier.
Brynne we LOVE you so much! SO sorry your big day was spent in such an ugly way! Next year will be much better for our sweet baby girl!
Next up, stats from Brynne's 2 year well visit!


Erin said...

Poor baby! You could just see it in her face how she was feeling =( Brynne looked so cute in her little birthday outfit. Brenna had almost the exact same outfit on her second birthday! The shirt, pants shoes and bow. I should send you a picture, pretty funny! I love all the decorations. The pom-poms were so cute! I might have to steal your idea someday. Did you get Brynne's b-day present that I sent?

Mindy said...

AHHHHHHHHHH...this post broke my heart! Brynne looks precious and I love the pics of her Pop Pop! Then she absolutely breaks my heart being sick! Poor you, too!!! Glad ya'll are all better! She's even adorable when she's sick though!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She might have been sick, but she looked adorable. Poor thing!

Don Payne said...

Poor baby girl. Was it a stomach virus... or was it actually caused by not thinking and kissing that old "Pop-Pop" guy? That's been known to make a LOT of people sick!

Becky said...

Such a bummer being sick for her birthday! The decorations were beautiful, by the way...and though she was sick, BNrynne still looked adorable.