Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Pics FINALLY!

So yes, it has indeed taken me a full week to upload my pictures from Christmas! We have been dealing with the aftermath of our truck being at the repair/body shop. Can I just say publicly on MY blog that I HATE rental car companies. Having a rental car sucks. The shop estimated that the truck would be fixed in about a week. I will be glad to put this whole mess behind us.
Without further ado and because my damn family won't stop asking me why I haven't posted the Christmas day pictures here's how we spent our Christmas...
My handsome boy on Christmas Eve. Can't believe how big he is getting. Mama sure loves her little man~

Sweet Brynne opening her very first baby doll on Christmas morning. She LOVES it and is so sweet always giving her baby kisses and hugs. I LOVE this girl with all my heart!~

So excited over a $4 ball, lol~

Probably my favorite picture of the entire day. I love how Landon was more concerned with what Brynne had in her stocking, than what was in his own stocking, lol~

Baby's first Christmas!!~

Daddy helping Brynne open her presents~

It seems one of the 4 of us is alllwaaaays looking away! Look at Brynne's big toothy grin though~

My sweet girl on her first Christmas~

My handsome boy Christmas Day~

My brother Matthew and sister-in-law Tasha~

Dad and Mom~

Sissy and Nathan~

Travis and I~
Daddy and Brynne opening presents still...
My beautiful sister and I~

Sportin' my new hat and gloves from my 90 year old Grandparents, lol~

Brynne ridin' around on her new toy from her Grandma and Grandpa~

Auntie Amy and Landon ridin' around on Brynne's new toy, lol~

Me, my dad, my sister.
LOVE them~

Mama and Landon, so excited about his new ball~

Amy, Matthew..our brother, and I.
He's seriously like a foot taller than we are, lol~


Jennifer said...

I love the last picture of Landon! Love that crooked little grin!