Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party Pictures

Some friends of my sister and her husband have a daughter who turned one last weekend. The 3 of us took Landon and Brynne to the birthday party. It was the first time I have taken Landon and Brynne at a birthday party together. It was neat to see Landon around other kids, although he is mostly a shy boy!
My kids are so lucky to always be surrounded by people that love them. Especially Auntie Amy and Uncle Nate. They always make sure to involve me and the kids in everything fun that they do. I love this picture so much, and look at Brynne, she is SO happy here! So funny. Landon used to point his finger like that in every picture and say cheese.
I think I must have been laughing here, I think Brynne looks cute though~

First time! Amy and I laughed hard at Brynne while she was in the bounce house. She could hardly stand up and take even one step before she fell right back down.

Landon getting his share of the candy from the pinata. I had to practically shove him out to get the candy, but once he saw the candy he knew just what to do~

Brynne was worn out, luckily Uncle Nate held her as she slept and kept her warm and cozy~

Landon's turn~


Amanda said...

So cute! I love Brynne's dress. Matthew was excited to see Landon and Brynne's picture in the mail the other day ;) THANKS!