Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poor Boy

My boy is sick. Ok, so it's no Man Cold but he's definitely miserable. He woke up whiny and clingy, and in a bad mood. He slept a little later than usual which is always a bad sign with Landon. 30 minutes after he woke up the vomiting started. Poor boy, over and over. He has no energy, a fever, and an obvious tummy ache. A sick toddler is no fun people! It's hard to keep him in one spot, and because he won't lay on the couch I have already cleaned up numerous surfaces. NOT FUN! Especially since Brynne does nothing but follow Landon around all day every day. Her partner in crime is down, and she is confused! She keeps bringing Landon different toys, and standing right next to him wherever he is laying. Landon came to me about a half hour ago and said he wanted to go Ni-Night. He actually went into his room and laid in his bed all on his own. That is a surefire way to know that he is really sick. I followed him in to tuck him in and shut the door. Brynne stood outside of his door for 5 minutes banging on it and whining for her brother. SO cute. I finally carried her back into the living room, and it was really nice to have some quiet alone time playing with just Brynne. She is growing up so fast. Both kids are napping now. Hopefully Landon will wake in a few hours and feel a lot better.

We still have about 5 inches of snow. The sun is out today and the warmth is rapidly melting the snow. It was so beautiful yesterday, I just wanted to be out taking pictures. It's hard to be stuck in the house with the kids. Especially Landon who lives to play outside. Yesterday he went into the backyard to show me the snowman he and Daddy made while I was at work. Brynne also snuck out behind us and ran right into the snow. I guess she saw it and wanted it, so she went for it! Once she got there, and felt it, she immediately changed her mind, lol. I took a couple of pictures I will get them posted later today. Hopefully the snow will melt quickly and the teperature will warm up a bit before the weekend. As for me, I am going to take advantage of my quiet house and do some laundry and then take a shower. Exciting aren't I?

Well, before I could make it to the shower Landon was up and sick again. I laid him on the couch with his favorite episode of the Wiggles on TV and snuck off to the shower. As soon as I got out of the shower (barely 10 minutes later) he was calling me from the couch. I ran to the living room and he was throwing up again. Yes ladies and gentleman, I just held my toddlers head over a bucket while he puked, AND, I was completely naked! Nice right? I knew I should have bought curtains, damn!


Amanda said...

OH no, sorry Landon isn't feeling good. That ran through our house about a month ago. Not fun.

Can't wait to see more snow pictures. Believe it or not, I actually miss that stuff. :/

Lindsey said...

Aww sorry to hear he is sick. Hope he feels better soon!

Elisabeth said...

Poor Landon! It's always horrible when toddlers get sick like that. Hope he feels better soon!