Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh boy!

So yesterday Travis and I took a quick trip to Vegas to see a few friends for different reasons...more on that later. Anyway, Auntie Amy was nice enough to sit with the kids for the day. I was told about the following conversation that occured at approximately 8pm while Aunite was using the potty...

Landon: (looking very confused) "Auntie, where weiner go?"
Amy: Landon, Auntie doesn't have a weiner!"
Landon: "A weiner go Auntie?"
Amy: Laughing too hard to try and explain.

And, ladies and gentleman, he is only 2! Mama has some explaining to do...for now I am going to ignore his questions and pretend I didn't hear him if he asks again!


Amanda said...

Oh yes, Matthew has asked me that as well with the most confused look on his face I might add. I just tell him girls don't have them. LOL!

NicholsSouth said...

Yay...things to look forward to! LOL! That is the cutest thing!

Mindy said...


Walker has a WILLY!!!!! We've had our fair share and then some of Willy questions!!!

Erin said...

Too funny! I had an experience like that the other day with Brenna. She asked "Mommy, why do you have hair on your butt"??? My face is bright red and I'm thinking crap I have hair on my butt??? We clarified that she was actually talking about my other Mommy part. Lord I hope she doesn't repeat this at preschool!!