Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This time last year...

It's amazing how fast 2008 has gone by for our family. This time last year I was still pregnant with Brynne and we had just moved into our home. Landon was 18 months old and still our 'baby.' My how things have changed! Brynne will be 11 months old on Dec. 18th and we just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of moving into our home. Here are a few pictures from 2006 and 2007~

This is Christmas 2007. Just 3 weeks after this picture was taken Brynne was born! You can tell just by looking at my fat face! Landon was still putting both arms up (with fingers pointed) whenever anyone said "say cheese!"
Travis and I

Landon's first Christmas! 5 months old. He has that 'Deer in the Headlights' look, but I LOVE this picture...one of my favorites!

I'm going to go out tonight and find another infant Santa hat. I can't remember what we did with the one Landon was wearing, but I want to get a similar picture of Brynne wearing one. She's a lot older than he was though...and a lot more active! Not too sure what she'll think about wearing a hat either, lol. I'm going to try though!


Erin said...

This year has gone by fast hasn't it! I remember these pictures like it was yesterday. I love Landon in the santa hat. Definitely get one of Brynne! Btw I still have your old address so I need to get your new one. You can send it through myspace or something =)

We went to the getto Target because we figured the new super Target would be crazy. There was hardly anyone there and we ended up being close to the front of the line. Well worth it =)

Jennifer said...

Love the new blog look! You were so cute pregnant! I think you should have more babies - you make such pretty ones!

Okay - I just have one thing to say about Biggest Loser...

Vicky looked RIDICULOUS after that makeover!


Jennifer said...

LOL!!! I would use the same word - UGLY - to describe Vicki!! She is so mean spirited, manipulative, and sneaky.

And by the way...I was DEVASTATED Sunday night after Amazing Race! I was so hoping Toni and Dallas would win! If the goofy boys win, I will be SICK!!! Are you watching Survivor?

Oh we would so be in trouble if we lived closer to each other! We'd have to get together and watch our nightly reality TV shows! Our hubbies would never see us!