Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On being lazy, too much snow, and random updates...

I can't believe I have not blogged in almost a full week! Things have been so busy around here lately and finding time to do 'relaxing' things, like blog, is nearly impossible. Finally, over the last 2 days the snow has begun to melt. I am so thankful for that and am really sick of being cooped up in the house with our 2 kids. I am not a mom that spends every day at home, each week. We are usually on the go, and this week has really taken a toll on me, and the kids. Especially Landon who loves to play outside, but doesn't love to play outside in the snow, lol. We own one 4 wheel drive vehicle and Travis has needed to use it every day to get to work. That leaves me here, with my van...stuck! I tried to get out yesterday and couldn't even get out of the driveway! The weather is supposed to bring more snow tonight and tomorrow night, I can only hope that the snow will stay in the higher elevations and miss us completely.

I am officially one of those moms who waited until the LAST minute to complete my Christmas shopping. Never before have I done this, in fact I am usually done with all Holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Not this year! The struggling economy has hit our family hard since Travis works in construction, and that combined with the recent weather, and of course working and raising 2 kids left me no time. So I went out yesterday and finished up our shopping. It was awful, the stores were crowded, people were grouchy and pushy, and the lines were endless. I am thrilled to be done and can't wait to finish wrapping everything. Never again will I be a last minute mom!

With Landon being 2, I had forgotten how sweet it is to have a 'baby' around the house. Lately Brynne has done so much to remind me that we were so blessed to be able to have a 2nd baby, and a girl at that! Wherever I am in the house throughout the day, she follows. Babbling her baby talk and always carrying some treasure in each of her hands. She is such a happy girl lately, and can't get enough hugs and kisses. She is sweet, funny, curious, and determined all rolled into one. She is so in love with her brother and learns so much from him each day. Our baby girl will be one in less than a month, so until then I am treasuring her innocence and the fact that she hasn't yet learned to talk back! Landon continues to change by leaps and bounds and is rapidly becoming a little boy! He is using full sentences to communicate with us now and loves to go everywhere daddy goes. He is so sweet to his sister and cares for her so deeply. He is still always hugging on her and he has learned to mimic me, often asking Brynne if she is hungry, or ok. I can only hope their bond strengthens as they grow. He is a strong headed little boy and doesn't like to be told no. He wants to do everything at his own pace (including using the potty...which some days takes an hour!) with as little help from Daddy and I as possible. He has such a big heart though and makes us laugh endlessly.

We are hosting Christmas at our home this year, for the first time. I am so excited for all of our family to be here at our place, and can't wait for Landon and Brynne to get to play with their 2 cousins. I know we will have such a great day filled with both family and friends. I hope all of my sweet blogger friends have a wonderful, warm Holiday with your loved ones.



Erin said...

I'm in the same boat sista! Wes has been taking my car to work because he can't really chain up the camaro so I've been carless! It's so hard to be stuck in your house with two kids. We are usually always on the go also so its a big change for us. Its hard to believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow! This month FLEW by. I usually get my X-mas cards out by the 1st & I just barely got them mailed off last Saturday!!! I love your card btw... Great picture! I can't wait to hear how Christmas turns out at the Staley house. I'm actually thinking about hosting at my house next year =) Hopefully we can get together soon! Maybe we can meet up with Amanda too.... Doesn't she make you want to be pregnant again! She looks so darn cute. Have a good day and try not to get cabin fever =)

Following Him said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS girlfriend! Hope you get everything done :) So feel your pain! No snow, but WINDY and COLD weather!

jill marie said...

Merry Christmas! :-) I hope you have SO MUCH FUN!


ClarkFamily said...

OMG! That snow looks so pretty but being a Northerner I know how awful it is to have around after a few days - sometimes hours even! I am glad to hear it is starting to melt - here, not so much, nothing melts when the temp is -29! Hope you are staying warm ... and even though your shopping isn't done I am hoping you are geared up for the big day tomorrow ... Merry Christmas and Hugs from MN!

Rebekah - Jaden - Baby#2 too

Jennifer said...

Hey Beck!

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy every minute of your day with your sweet babies! I FINALLY sent the package with Brynne's dress and I added a couple of other things as well as a few things for Landon. I hope the dress fits Brynne.

Anyway - Merry Christmas my friend!