Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Mom...AND Dad!!

On Saturday Dec. 13th my sister, my Aunt and I planned a surprise 60th (sorry to type that number mom, lol) birthday party for both my parents. They share birthdays only 1 week apart! It was a huge success and they had NO idea. I talk to my mom numerous times a day and it was VERY hard to keep this quiet, and I am SO happy it worked out.
Getting ready to open their gifts~
(ignore their sweats, it was a surprise party and they weren't expecting company!)

Digging for their surprise~

Orchestra Tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in LA in February!!!~

Katherine, my niece, and Landon~

Joshua, my nephew, and Landon~

Sweet Brynne~

Me, my sis-in-law Tasha, and Amy~

Imagine us trying to get a picture of all the cousins together! Landon is 2, Joshua is 3, Katherine is 5 and Brynne is 11 months. Brynne was NOT going to take a picture that day. This was the best we got, but still cute!~

Too much fun for this little girl. She was asleep before we were out of my parent's neighborhood...

Landon too! It was a quiet ride home that day!

I love you Mom and Pop and hope that Travis and I will have a long happy marriage like you both have. Happy birthday to you, you mean more to us than you will ever know!


Mindy said...

How fun!!! Way to pull that off! Your parents will never forget that surprise.

Such cutie pie cousins! All of them!

Amanda said...

Glad it was a huge success! Great gift and they look so thrilled!

Anonymous said...

How sweet your parents are... They have some great kids =) Crazy how Josh & Katherine are my niece & nephew also.. Except we NEVER get to see them!!

Erin said...

OOPS!!! That was my comment not Grandma mac's... I was logged in under my moms account!!

Anonymous said...

Our surprise party was one of the neatest things... ever! Being born in December means NO birthday parties and, frequently, a combined Birthday+Christmas gift. The fact that everyone took time out of such a busy time of the year to get together with us means so much!

The Phantom tickets are fantastic! We are so excited to see our favorite stage musical again! We cannot express our thanks and appreciation enough... the words just don't exist.

It was great to have nearly everyone we love in this world collected together at the same time!

Thank you, so much. We'll never forget our special day. The surprise was totally perfect... and so are the memories.

Much love, always...