Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brynne is gonna have a rough childhood!

"Hello, Kiddie Kandids, this is Mrs. Staley I am calling to cancel our Friday morning picture appt. Thanks, have a good day!" Guess our pictures will have to wait, blah.
So, for the second time in a week Landon has taken the scissors to Brynne's hair. This time it ended up way worse than the time before and Mama cried. I am SO mad about it. Brynne was bald for the first half of her life and the fact that her hair is finally growing longer is a HUGE deal to this bow buying Mama! I know it is just hair, and it will grow back, but it is SO annoying. I just have to say that both of Brynne's recent haircuts have happened on dad's watch. Maybe it's time I hire a nanny.
...and yes, I will try and post pictures later, once I dry my eyes, LOL!


Amanda said...

ohhhhh noooooooo!

Jacylann Nix said...

oh no! im sorry! i hope it grows back fast!!

Mindy said...

I dread dread dread the day because I know I'll freak, too. I'm sorry!

I bet Brynne is just as cute with her new 'do'...how could she not be?!?

Team Millward said...

Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was that bad when I left the comment about it being kind of funny on your FB Status. You must think I'm a jerk. That does totally suck.
I remember when I was teaching Kindergarten and this little boy cut another girls entire ponytail off, yep, like 7 inches. Her mom was so devestated. Start giving her prenatal vitamins! Good luck

Erin said...

NO WAY! What a little stinker! At least it's just hair and it will grow back. Luckily he didn't hurt her!!