Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday!

I can't believe the weekend is almost here again! We have been busy these past few days, mostly wiping runny noses and doing lots of cleaning. The kids and I have had a horrible cold all week and the housework was being neglected. After a great morning I have gotten so much done. I love when I get all of my errands, cleaning, chores and projects done before the kids afternoon nap. It's always nice to have quiet time while they rest! The kids and I are falling comfortably back into our old while daddy is at work all day routine. We loved having daddy home for a few weeks but it's nice to have my normal morning routine back into full swing. Daddy loves his new job and is doing very well with it so far. His schedule keeps him busier than that at his last job so I rarely hear from him during the day, which is weird different for us. We used to talk off and on throughout the day, but not anymore! We are definitely missing Daddy while he is at work!
I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Landon will be 3 in just 2 weeks! July 6th is his actual birthday and we will celebrate that night with our small family with dinner and cake, and a birthday party at the lake for friends and family the following weekend. He is ringing in this 'new year' with a bang, and has definitely been a handful lately. There have been numerous times in the last few weeks where I feel like I must be such a bad mom. But after talking with other moms and friends I am beginning to realize that the life of a 3 year old is an interesting, and stubborn one! He is so opinionated, which can be funny and frustrating at the same time. He talks back more than a teenager does and watches everything we do now. He is more interested in the things I do all day long and is never without a question! He is growing up so fast and I HATE it! I love him and want him to grow up to be a healthy, happy, well adjusted boy...I just wish he wouldn't do it so fast.
Brynne is doing better today. I had her in the pediatricians office yesterday morning for another bad rash. Her Dr. is wonderful and never makes me feel stupid with all of my questions. He said her rash is a reaction to something viral, not contagious, and she should be fine in a few days. He gave me some suggestions on lotions and soaps that we should be using for Brynne also, seems she has sensitive skin like her Mama! Better my sensitive skin than my thighs, LOL! She too seems to be growing up SO fast! She is talking more than ever and is into all things Disney right now. She wants to watch Mikey Mouse Clubhouse during the day and 'sings' and 'dances' to all the little songs. She loves to eat and sleeps 12 hours a night still, thank God! She mimics everything Landon does and is the sweetest girl ever! I still get a lot of unexpected hugs and kisses all day, which will forever melt my heart! I am such a blessed Mama, and am so thankful that my kids are healthy and happy (most of the time!).
We don't have any plans this weekend so far, and that's nice for a change! Seems lately we have been go, go, go! It will probably do us all some good to stick around the house and rest up for a few days. Then back to normal go, go, go next week!


Mindy said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts!!!

Amanda said...

Yes, I have been meaning to tell you.. we WILL be there for Landon's Lake party! Looking forward to it! Oh I loved those 12 hrs a night use to get with Matthew. That stopped once he moved to the big boy bed in January. I'm VERY much looking forward to those days again with Maxi (LOL)! Funny you say Landon questions everything because Matt does this ALL DAY LONG. I have to tell him to stop. :X I hope next week brings us both some WELL children. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw guys, I am keeping you in good thoughts, and the healing process will begin...poof!!!....Gosh, wish I did have that power...lolol....take care, rest....cause the summer is ahead and the fun is about to begin!!