Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

I decided to get the kids out of the house and take advantage of the beautiful weather today! We went to one of their favorite play areas and had a lot of fun. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our afternoon of play.

Happy Brynne~

GUESS WHAT? Landon and Brynnie got a surprise visit from Auntie Amy!


Brynne taking a rest~

Climbing the bridge~

LOVE this girl~

Uh Oh, they found the water~

Landon having SO much fun~

Copying her brother, as usual~

The MANY moods of my (almost) three year old.
Happy now...

NOT so happy now...
"Landon, are you ready to go bye-bye?"
I'll take that as a NO!
We had a fun time and are loving the nice weather today! Maybe Southern CA finally remembered that it is mid-June and it's supposed to be warm outside!


Gena said...

Oh, girl. The middle of the country has known it's supposed to be warm for a month now. So hot. I may need to take a trip west for some cooler weather. Love the pictures.

Amanda said...

Ahh, I stayed inside today and now looking at your cute pictures I wish I was there with you in that SUN!! I needed to get my house back in order today though and catch up on some laundry.

Did you shave Landon's head? It looks shorter. Brynnie's beautiful long red hair is so pretty on her now. Lookin' more like a toddler now, boo!

Erin said...

The weather was SO nice today! We went to the village for Brenna's ballet and I dressed everyone in warm clothes and we could have worn tank tops and shorts.... Crazy CA weather I swear!!
Brenna & Jake have crossed that red bridge many o' times! I LOVE VG's! Next time you go give me a call =)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that place, and yes the weather has been gorgeous today...YEAH, NO WIND!! It clouded up in the afternoon, but it was still warm, tank tops, and windows open! Yeah for a great day!

Following Him said...

Looks like you guys had LOTS of fun :)