Monday, June 22, 2009

Park Play

The kids and I are getting over a nasty cold and we have spent a lot of time in the house the past week. I took them to the park this morning to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. We had a great time, lots of adventures, and LOTS of usual!
Heading out the door. Brynne was teary because I told her she couldn't bring her huge blankie to the park!~
I didn't know if Landon would ever make it to the toys. He was very interested in the big kids playing basketball! He watched them for a long time~

Finally playing!~

Little Miss Cautious!~


LOL, all the big kids playing basketball had a good laugh at this! Landon HAD to hang on the big monkey bars. I told him to hold on tight and then I ran back, took a picture, and ran back to him to catch him as he let go!~

Then we played on the swings, where Mama took this picture...

which is similar to this picture which was taken back in October 2008, 8 months ago!!

Swinging high~

Bored with the swings~

WAIT for Mama Brynne!~

Then, Landon spotted the largest and longest lizard ever! At first I didn't know what the heck it was, YUCK!

Thinking about it....she decided NO, and turned and went the other way!~

Happy Brynna~

Almost time to go, look at those rosy cheeks!~

Thought this picture was cool~

Landon had a snack before nap time. He is LOVING avocados lately and wants one each day as a snack! He's definitely a California boy (:
We had a fun day and are SO happy the warm weather is here!! Hopefully it lasts!


Mindy said...

What great pics. I love the one of Landon watching the big kids and then of him hanging on the monkey bars.

Of course the flashback pic and the new pic are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

It's 101 here today. HOT!

Ginnie said...

Great pics! I love the one that is like the one you took before! Too cute! I can't believe they will actually stay in the same swing. Mine would never have done that!!

Amanda said...

You always get some neat shots! I love the swing one and the hanging from the bars and the one of Landon looking at the big kids too! You are a brave mama letting Landon eat that avocado on you nice beige carpet. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What IS it this year with the "ickys"...Scott is still fighting the flu and the colds are all around...of course, I still have my stash of ZiCam nose gel swabs, I do swear by them!! Looks like you had a great time...take care, use those "handi-wipes"

Jacylann Nix said...

what precius kiddos you have!! i am in love with the swing picture! and they have grown up SO much from the last picture you took like that!