Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only 390 days until he is 4!

Some days Landon and I are both lucky to make it through. The last few days have been nothing if not challenging. Tuesday morning Landon was too quiet, so I know the little twirp was up to no good. I found him on the back patio hiding under the table painting his nails with nail polish he had obviously stolen out of my room with the up most sneakiness! As I yelled "LANDON, what are you DOING!!?" he stood up quickly, trying to screw the lid back on the polish and started blowing all over his nails. I had to hide my laughter for that move. I guess he has seen me blow on my nails to dry them quickly, and it was funny to me that in the middle of being yelled at he had a moment of clarity in which he knew enough to blow on his nails. Hmmm. Anyway he started talking back right away and would not give me the polish. So I spanked him right there on the patio! (That's right readers I spank my 3 year old, don't like it? Stop reading.) As I spanked him the nail polish bottle went flying out of his hands and landed on the patio, lid flying off. There is now dried nail polish all over our concrete, his crocs that he was wearing, and his newish jeans. LOVELY. Thank goodness he had the sense to paint his nails with the clear nail polish! I should consider myself lucky!
Then yesterday morning I had to run to the bank and grocery store. Usually a morning full of errands is uneventful and pleasant because both the kids like to be out and about. The free cookie from the bakery at the grocery store doesn't hurt either. Anyway it was 50 degrees and windy here yesterday. I put jackets on the kids and got my purse and was ready to go. I turned around to open the front door and Landon had pulled off his jacket and was running through the living room. I shut the front door and told Landon to put his jacket back on so we could go . He stopped running, stood tall and YELLED at me saying
I said "You have to wear your jacket, it is freezing out." He said
I set my purse down and went over to were Landon was standing, I got down to his level and explained to him that Brynne doesn't like wearing her jacket either, but she is. Mama doesn't like wearing her jacket either but I was. He didn't care. He was crying and mad by this time. I grabbed his jacket off the floor and wrestled him into it. It took all the patience I had to get him out the door and into the car without just putting him to bed for the day! He cried, and screamed, and yelled, and threw things in the car. I slammed on the brakes twice, threatened to pull over once and told him he was NOT getting a cookie at the store. Nothing worked, it was a class A meltdown and I could do nothing to make him stop. 10 LONG car ride minutes later we got to the bank and Landon saw the drive thru teller and was interested, this distracted him enough to break him out of his meltdown.
The changes I have seen in him over the past week or so are changes that this Mama is not excited about! It is looking like 3 may actually be worse than 2. I have been a very lucky Mama thus far and neither of my kids have really had any behavior issues. They usually listen really well and have had no public meltdowns...yet! But Landon definitely knows what he wants and he has the patience and attention span of his Daddy. He wants things right away and doesn't want to hear why he can't have things his way! It's looking like I'm going to have a looooong summer with this boy! Hmmm, that makes me what age can they start summer camp?


Following Him said...

Oh dear...& no, I am not doing away since you admitted you spank!

Carole said...

I have soooo been there, and yes, the 3's are MUCH worse than the 2's! I have no idea why anyone calls it the terrible two's when my kids were great at 2! :) Take heart in knowing that they do grow out of it though. And, I spank my kids too, when necessary...they grow out of that too and get into more fun things like being grounded.

Love reading your blog, and would enjoy getting together someday when I'm down there visiting!

Jennifer said...

I am here to tell you........3's are waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than 2's!! I always said "Terrible 2's" & "Horrible 3's"

Leslie said...

I really think 3 is the worst age!! OK and 14..LOL


Mindy said...

OH giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, Haddie is all about the Class A Meltdown since she turned three! But you know what else, on a positive note, her little personality is flourishing in a GOOD way, too, since she turned three.

I just pray every night that she can get her little fits under control better. Yep, everyone tells me three is way worse than two.

Amanda said...

Yep, mama.. 3 is much worse than 2. Two was a piece of cake. I just walked in the door and Matthew sreamed all the way home from my parents house in Redlands. It took EVERYTHING for me to ignore it.

LOL @ blowing on his nails. VERY lucky it was only the clear nail polish!

Erin said...

I SO did not need to read this post! I am having the hardest time with Jake right now. I was hoping it would get better when he turned three! He wants to be independent and I just want to get out the door! He is at that stage where he wants me to do something then I go to do it and it's NO JAKE DO IT! Then NO MOMMY DO IT! NO DADDY DO IT! He can't friggin' make up his mind. I can't take him ANYWHERE without him having a meltdown it's so embarrassing!! Brenna was NEVER like that so there is hope for you girl! I truly think boys are WAY harder, at this stage anyways!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I am too late, I was going to say SHHHHH, the moms with the two year olds are under the impression that it gets better (because we keep telling them that)...Oh well, the secret it out! The one question that should never be asked "Can it get any worse?" OH yeah........sorry.....wait....It will get better :)