Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nice day!

Could it be? Is summer really here this time?
The kids are playing on the back patio with their water table, undoubtedly making a muddy wet mess that Daddy will be thrilled with when he gets home from work. It is 75 out and not windy at all! I am enjoying Brynne's squeals of delight and Landon's bossy orders for his sister. "Brynnie, no plash me!" "Brynnie no touch dat, dat is MINE!" She continues to laugh and screech with happiness. I've got afternoon errands to run and grocery shopping to do. I'm obviously putting all that off so that we may enjoy this beautiful day! WOW, 2 days in a row of wonderful summer like weather...Dare I say, summer is here!


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Enjoy the nice weather while it is so hot where I am that you don't even want to get out and about. Send you beautiful weather my way!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Enjoy the nice summer weather but don't blink - it will probably change! We are heating up here too - 90's next week! Gotta love that MN weather - one extreme to the next in a matter of 4 months!

Have a great day!

Rebekah and her girls

Erin said...

Isn't it beautiful! Lovin' this weather!!

Birthday party??? Sunday???? No one told me about a party. Brenna has her recital that day plus it's Carol's (wes' mom) B-day and fathers day! Who is throwing the party? Crazy family members of ours. You can't just tell someone about a party the day before... I was going to call you this morning but I can't find your number?? I'm not sure if I ever got it so I need to get it from you =)

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Warm, so warm I put the air on upstairs, it was 86, just to cool it off to 82....giggle, and YEAHHHH! NO WIND..

Summer, yes, aaaah! loving it too :)

Mindy said...

So glad summer has arrived for you guys. 'Bout time!!!

I love the pictures on yesterday's post. Such beautiful babies!!!

Love the new header, too.

Amanda said...


Don'tcha just love those bossy orders and squeels from that beauty. I can easly picture it!