Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pics from Disneyland

I took the kids to Disneyland yesterday afternoon/evening for some fun! It was my first time taking them without Daddy. I went with my good friend Adrianne and a few of my mom friends and their kids from a playgroup I am part of.
The weather was perfect, again! How do we keep getting so lucky? Both the kids were very well behaved and had SO much fun. I was very thankful to have Adrianne's help though, and don't think I will be taking the kids by myself anytime soon! Just getting the two kids and the double stroller on and off the tram was a chore!
Landon, patiently waiting for the parade, (that's not really a parade!)~
What Mama? You want me to pose?~


Such a silly boy! What's he so excited about? Seeing Mickey in the parade? Nope! Seeing Goofy in the parade? Nope! Seeing the balloons and dancing and singing? Nope! He was SOOOO excited to see....Mary Poppins! LOL, that's right! This boy loves him some Mary Poppins! He watches the movie every day and always HAS to see the parade because Mary Poppins rides high atop one of the floats. Too funny!~

Friends Always! These three have known each other since they were 8ish months old! Almost 3 now and still good buddies! Logan, Hannah and Landon waiting for the parade!~

Brynne waiting for the parade to start~

Landon with my GOOD friend Adrianne~

Stephanie and Logan~

My babes and I~

Landon climbing (is he ever NOT climbing?)~

Such a silly little guy!~

One of Landon's best pictures ever! Sure shows his personality! LOVE him!~

Landon, Brynne and Logan enjoying their lollipops!~

Little girls first lollipop!
And what a BAD idea! She made a huge mess and I threw it away after a few minutes!~


LOVE this messy face!~

Last pic of the night. Brynne was exhausted and fell asleep before the fireworks even started. Once they did though, she was wide awake and LOVED the fireworks! I was really surprised that both kids loved the fireworks show and pointed to the sky and laughed and oohed and awed! It was the first fireworks show for both of them, and they really liked it!

We had a GREAT time, as usual! I keep waiting for my *Disney Luck* to run out. So far, these past few weeks we have had perfect weather and no lines! SO fun, and such great memories for my precious babies!


Mindy said...

Again, I can't imagine being so close to Disney! That's awesome.

Love the pics and love that about Mary Poppins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Landon's hair is adorable, Brynna's eyes are amazing and I am just laughing that Mary Poppins was the hit of all!!

I'm happy that you've had such great luck with them doing so well and loving it. But really, what kid doesn't love Disneyland? ;)

Ginnie said...

Great pics! My sis lives near Disneyland and I keep saying we're gonna come out and visit and go there. We go to Disney World a lot and I know the girls would love to try the "other one"! My girls love them some Mary Poppins. I mean she is *practically perfect in every way*!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love Disneyland, how lucky are we to live so close, that a "day trip" is always possible!! I love Mary Poppins too!! Aahhh! Think its time for another, Disney Fix....lolol