Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SO funny!

Ok, so many of you may already read McMommy's blog over at The McMommy Chronicles. I find McMommy to be SO funny and entertaining. Well, she's outdone herself on this post! McMommy's husband has a "Man Cold!" and as wives we have all been there! Click here...I promise you will laugh out loud!

You're Welcome (:


Caragirl said...

I will have to check out the "MCMOMMY" it sounds fun!
I have the Canon Rebel XTI with the stock lens (18-55mm) and I purchased the 50mm lens which is my favorite for portraits, I use it the most. Hope this helps when you are ready to buy!

Annie said...

We have man colds here too. Man aches.... man freaking hoo!

McMommy said...

Wow!! Thank you so much for making me smile with the linky love! I sure needed it. That Man Cold was killing me!!

However, let it be known to the world that the gallant McDaddy has DEFEATED the horrible Man Cold!! Yes, he's quite the fighter, isn't he? So so brave.


Mindy said...

That was HILARIOUS and so, so mo-freakin' true! I laughed outloud. Thanks for sharing (I really didn't need another blog to follow (ha!), but that one is GOOD!!!).