Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just an update..

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well! I feel so out of the loop! Our laptop, yes the brand new one, is being serviced by the Geek Squad yet again. They seem to think that the computer has a faulty media card...or something like that. The computer will not recognize any devices that we link to it. No camera, not the scanner, not the wireless Internet even. Now that the Geek Squad thinks they know what is wrong they have sent the laptop back to the manufacturer to hopefully be replaced! We should have an answer within 3 weeks! So until then, blogging will be less frequent.

On a more positive note Travis and I celebrated our 7 year wedding Anniversary on Saturday!! He, with the help of our family, surprised me with a weekend in Laughlin. I have been sick all week with a bad cold, so the timing for that sucked! But we had a GREAT time and enjoyed sleeping uninterrupted (= We missed the kids soooo much and even came home a night early. I will post more about our Anniversary, and our fun weekend away once I get the computer back.

Both Landon and Brynne also had the cold, and are finally starting to feel better too. We don't have a very busy week so hopefully just a lot of R&R at home, to recover and concentrate on being healthy! I can't wait to check in with everyone and see how you all have been!


Mindy said...

OH NO!!! What a bummer on the computer.

Happy Annivesary...can't wait to hear all about your trip. You guys sound like us missing your babies and coming home a night early! HA!

Hope you are feeling better, too. All of you! Take care. I've been missing your posts!

ClarkFamily said...

Oh bummer about your computer and bummer about you being sick on your anniversary! But on the happy side - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It sounds like you did have a fabulous time with your hubby - even if you missed your little ones - I hope you are feeling better today and hope your computer gets to feeling better too!

Have a great week!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby #2 too

Amanda said...

Miss you like crazy!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary! When we lived in California we used to vaca in Laughlin too! Fun place!!