Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wekend Warriors

So you may remember this post in which I blogged about our hallway bathroom and the major renovation that Travis was doing. Well although most of the remodel was complete we still hadn't laid the tile on the floor. We have had the tile, and all of the needed materials, just not the time needed to do the project! Well, Friday Travis was off and he decided to take advantage of his 3 day weekend. Check out our weekend project!

Travis arranged, cut and laid all of the tiles and I grouted them! I still have some cleanup to do, but we wanted to let the grout set overnight~

This is my favorite thing about the hallway bath. Travis made me this little area so I have a place to put a laundry hamper for the kids clothes.

All that's left is adding the base moulding and touching up some paint!

And as a disgusting reminder, here is the hallway bath in its original state, when we bought the house. Travis took out the window since it was a horrible source for mold. Who the heck designs a bathroom in which the shower has a window in it? Not above it, in it!
We already have all the hardware, towel bars and such, and the pulls for the drawers on the vanity. We have never hung or installed any of it because we wanted to finish the messy floor project and touch up the paint first. I will be sure and post the final picture at the end of the week, once we have had time to do the last minute touches. Pretty productive weekend huh?


Amanda said...

Niiice! I wanna see the front with your fence up!

Kristen said...

What a fabulous job you all did!! Love the tile!!

And yes, who in the world puts a window IN the shower. Totally weird! :)

Dana said...

That tile looks almost exactly like ours. We love it. I like how you laid it on a diagonal.

Really, a window in a shower??!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What a huge difference! Your bathroom really looks nice. I woudl love to have a space in either of our bathrooms for a clothes hamper...I would be so excited about that too!