Saturday, November 22, 2008

18.5 hours until Daddy is home!!

Further proof that Brynne can't go five minutes without a hug from brother!
We had a fun day today. My friend Brandy and her girls left last night so today it was back to me and the kids. We started our day off by decorating the house for Christmas. I thought it would be a nice surprise for Travis to come back to a Holiday filled home. Landon did a great job helping Mama decorate the tree and Brynne was excellent at watching us, lol. This afternoon, after their MUCH needed naps, we headed to Target and shopped for awhile. Later when we got back home we played, did puzzles, and watched Stuart Little (Landon's favorite movie..this week). Our evening is just winding down and tonight I will go to bed thankful that our Daddy will be home tomorrow! We missed him SO much, and I have to be honest...I can't wait to have the extra set of hands back!!
In front of the tree tonight~

A cute shot of Brynna...Love my sweet girl!! (excuse her bed head, lol)~

We LOVE you so much Daddy and are SO happy that you will be home tomorrow!! YAY


Amanda said...

You are super mom for sure! Did you put that tree up all by yourself? Love those lil faces and they looked cute in their baseball shirts!!

The White Family said...

YAY for Daddy coming home!! I bet you do need a little break after a long weekend full of kids. Love the pics of your babies!

Mrs. N. said...

Those pictures are just sooo cute

Mindy said...

ADORABLE! Your babies' eyes are just out of this world precious!!!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Jeff was gone this weekend too so I was very ready to have him home! Impressive that you decorated by yourself. That will be a fun surprise! I hope I get to see you in Vegas. You are a cute mom!

wishcake said...

Seriously, every time I come over to your blog, the cuteness is too much. I almost can't take it.


And sometimes it's nice doing things with just you and the kids, I'm sure, but I'm sure you also realize just how much more life is complete with your hubby! Hurrah for happy, adorable families! Heehee.