Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time for Oprah and Ice Cream!

Daddy is gone!! For the next four days I am a single mom! Yep, our darling daddy has gone off on a 'Manventure' and will not return until late Sunday. 4 days in Baja, with dirt bikes, race cars, and NO I jealous? NO! Why you ask? Today one of my closest friends Brandy will come for a visit with her 3 sweet girls. Kailyn is 8, Brooklyn is almost 5 and her sweet baby Ashlyn is 18 months. I am so excited to have the house full of squealing girls. Tonight we are planning on baking and decorating sugar cookies (one of my favorite things to do!!) and tomorrow we will hit up the mall and have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's. Sadly she will have to leave Friday evening and then my kids and I will be lonely once more! Perhaps a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa will be necessary.

Not 5 minutes after Daddy left Landon took EVERY single wipe out of the container this morning, loaded up his dump truck and took it for a ride! LOL
This boy will put anything in the back of his truck and push it allll over the house~
Looks like Landon has been teaching Brynne some of his bad habits. I love how she is on her tippy-toes~

Now that Brynne is walking Landon follows her around all day hanging on her trying to give her hugs. He in constantly causing her to fall to the ground and then she cries instantly, until she stands back up. Give me a few minutes of quiet, and then it starts all over again. It is so cute, but also driving me CRAZY!!

This was right before she fell down...and cried!~


Dana said...

Awww, how sweet. Mine just like to push and shove and bite. Good luck with the hubby gone. At least you'll have some company for a little while.

The White Family said...

Have fun this weekend with your bestest and all the chaps!! You guys are going to have so much fun. The pics of the kids are so freakin cute! Love the one of them hugging (PRICELESS)!!

Erin said...

The things they do with wipes! They are so fascinated with them for some odd reason.. Brynne is getting so big, and WALKING! She is growing way too fast! Brenna used to accidentally push Jake over all the time when he first started walking and he would get so frustrated!!