Friday, November 7, 2008

Another project done!

Around here it's no secret that Landon wants to be just like dad! He spends all day, while Travis is at work, asking about dad and talking about all the things he will do when 'DaDa' gets home. Because there are so many projects around the house there's always something to help Daddy work on. This week was no different, see for yourself~

Working hard on the finishing touches...
Landon thinks he is using the post hole digger, lol~

All of Travis' hard work has really paid off. We have a beautiful new ranch style fence to show for it. I'm sure Daddy couldn't have done it without Landon's help!


Mindy said...

LOVIN' the new fence! Your property looks amazing!!!

I loved the family pics, too. Had another bout of my internet not working. UGGGGGGgg.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, friend!

Amanda said...

I LOVE it!