Friday, November 28, 2008

Knotts Berry Farm 2008

We took the kids to Knotts Berry Farm last week, and I am just now getting around to blogging about it. We got there about 2pm and the weather could not have been more perfect!! It was about 70 degrees and breezy! It was cold and rainy at our house so both the kids were in long sleeves! I ended up letting Brynne wear her onesie so she wouldn't be too hot (I HATE doing that!) Not only perfect weather, but apparently we picked the best day to go also. There weren't many people there and we only had to wait in line for one of the rides. We went mainly to take Landon to 'Camp Snoopy.' It's an area of the park designed for kids aged 2 through 8 or so. The rides are all sized perfectly for toddlers, if riding with their parents. We have never taken Landon to an amusement park so we were not sure how he would do. He did GREAT!! He had the best time and was not afraid on any of the rides. This was amazing considering he had not had a nap that day. We really lucked out, and had a very fun time. We will definitely be going back to Knotts Berry Farm!

Riding the trucks with Mama! He LOVED this ride!

Sweet baby girl spent most of the time in the stroller while brother had all the fun! She was a good girl though!
(yep, you noticed! Brynne's first scratch! She scratched her face in the car that morning!)

Giving some hugs to his new friends~

Having SO much fun on the fast cars with Daddy!

Daddy and Landon on the trucks...his FAVORITE ride of the day...we went more than once!

...still being a good girl, just taking it allllll in!

Landon and Daddy waiting in (the only) line

Fun in the bounce house!

This was 2 hours after we got there, lol. We called it a day and headed home! Well worth the drive though...the 2 hours that they were awake, SO fun! They look a lot alike when they sleep!

As the kids get older we are able to do so much more with them. This day was one of the best days we have had as a family of 4. Such great memories!


Amanda said...

How sweet those two sleeping babies are! Glad you guys had fun and your pictures are great as usual.

The White Family said...

I wish we had something like that around our house! Looks like SO MUCH FUN for a toddler. Great pics too by the way.