Thursday, April 23, 2009

15 Months Already!

This sweet beautiful girl is 15 months old now! Time is going by so fast that it is hard for me to believe that my last baby is already a very curious toddler! Today at Brynne's 15 month appt. we learned that our sweet girl remains a petite little thing. She weighs 3 lbs. less than her brother did at this age and is only in the 20th percentile.

Brynne has the sweetest personality. I can expect many random hugs throughout my day as she climbs up into my lap just for love! She is definitely all girl, but will not blink if she has to walk barefoot through the mud just to be near Landon. She ADORES her big brother and continues to form a close bond with him, as she has since day one. As they get older the fighting is happening much more often, but the sweet moments they share throughout the day almost always bring me to tears!
Brynne LOVES to eat and LOVES to sleep. She sleeps 12 full hours a night and we never hear a peep out of her. She will eat anything, anytime. Which is surprising considering she is so tiny. She shadows both Daddy and I all day long and is never more than a few feet away from Landon. She is patient (unless she is hungry) and SO sweet (unless she is tired).

She is in LOVE with animals. Anywhere we go animals fascinate her. She has really been enjoying the wild birds in our yard, and says 'Dawga" over and over whenever we see a dog. She points to everything she sees and is so excited when Daddy or I teach her a new word.

Everything Brynne does has a delicate touch. She is calm, and reserved about most things and has such feminine mannerisms. She quickly tells Mama whenever her bow slips out, and she smiles SO big each day when it is time to put on her shoes.

This sweet baby girl fits SO perfectly into our lives and so nicely balances the chaos and NOISE that comes with raising a boy! She is very laid back and nothing bothers her unless Landon takes a toy from her and then the walls of our house shake with her high pitched screaming!

Although we have had quite a few 'dramatic' moments from our little Princess, she really is a VERY easy toddler baby. She brings SO much joy to us and of course completes our little family in a way that only this playful, sweet, little girl can!
I can only hope the next 15 months go by at a snails pace! I can't believe in 18 months she will be Landon's age...almost 3!
We LOVE you baby girl!

Umm, what's that you say? How's Landon? Um, well, see for yourself...
I am on day 564 4 of puking and I CAN'T take any more!!!
Our little man has been sick off and on for the past 8 weeks! Ever since he started school he seems to always be sick. I think we are going to pull him out of school until the summer is over and then try again. I can't take much more of this...I am sad, exhausted, and DONE! I just want my hyper happy boy back...


Ginnie said...

Sweet pictures! I don't blame you about being sick of Landon being sick. Belle had strep 2 times in 3weeks and then an ear infection right after that! And all because they were passing it around at school. Yucky and no fun! Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Audrey said...

She is so beautiful. Oh, poor Landon. Hey, I tagged you today!

Mindy said...

Beautiful girl. Her eyes just say it all...pure sweet!!! I love looking at her pictures!

So sorry to hear about Landon. That is the WORST! Hope he is 100% sooooo soon!!!

Amanda said...

Wow, she really is starting to look so different. He face is maturing and her hair longer really makes a difference to her look as well. Still a beauty of course!!!

I hope Landon feels better soon too. I can't believe he's been vomiting for so many days. :/