Saturday, April 4, 2009

Milestone Revealed!!

I couldn't take it any more! I HAD to paint these sweet toenails! Brynne is VERY into her brother lately, more so than usual. Landon can't be more than a few feet away from her at all times lately. She cries hysterically if he even attempts to go outside without her. These sweet, chubby, kissable baby girl feet have been looking a little like little boy feet after all the outside adventures Brynne has been having. A little hot pink polish, and voila! she's alllllll girl again!

She sat very still for me and giggled so softly the whole time! UGH, it was such a sweet moment for this Mama!

After Brynne's nail painting (which was a HUGE deal to this sweet boy) I spent some time crafting with Landon. Here he is making Easter cards for our family.

I can't believe how fast he is growing up, and the complete sentences he puts together now with ease. While coloring this pink card he said "Mama I color this Easter card for Auntie." It was SO sweet (Amy, is that not precious?)

I bought a box of foam letters and egg shapes with a peel and stick backing. They were SO easy, and with no glue involved clean-up took seconds! I let Landon stick each letter by himself as I pointed to ensure correct spelling, LOL.

Then Landon took the time to color a picture on the inside of each one. We had SO much fun and Landon is really excited to show everyone his Easter cards.

Brynne wasn't happy about not being at the table involved in the Easter craft. She wasn't shy about showing Mama how MAD she was. I cracked up taking these pics because she has only recently been throwing these very dramatic tantrums!

I love these two SO much. They couldn't be more different but are still each other's best friend. I am SO blessed to be able to experience all the differences that come with having a boy and a girl. Where Landon is hyper, Brynne is calm. And she is definitely WAY more emotional than he has ever been, and I LOVE it! I know I will regret typing that when she hits 11 and has a major attitude, but for now even her tantrums melt this Mama's heart!


Mindy said...

I can SO relate to everything you put in this post!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! Landon is adorable making his cards! Such a cutie patooooooty. And Sweet Baby Girl's toes...PRECIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

I also love those cute chubby baby girl toes! What a great milestone! Whats funny is that, they start to really enjoy the "girly" things at this age, toes,, fun, fun!

Lena said...

Painted toenails on a baby´s chubby feet. When do you plan for her facelift? Breast implants? I mean, if she grows up and you don´t fancy her looks then what do you do? Why are you so obsessed with beauty contests? There is a soul too and personality so why teach her already that she is not cute enough? BTW when is it time for mascara? At 3 or 4 ?

Louise Halvardsson said...

Very sweet! I searched google images for "painting baby's toenails" and came across your blog.

I'm a writer and am using "baby" as a metaphor for my novel. I've just given birth to my book baby, but I keep wanting to beautify it, make tiny changes etc. And I used the metaphor of painting my book baby's toenails.

So is it OK if I use your pic on my blog? If not I'll take it off. Let me me know.

Love & Respect from Lou