Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Fun

Just a few quick pictures from our Saturday morning. Landon and Brynne played outside my Grandparents home this morning. This was the first time Landon has been able to ride his bike on a real street! Up until now he rides in our house (I know, BAD Mama) or on our driveway. He was so excited and went very fast!
Look at him go!
Sweet sister outside watching Landon ride his bike~

On the go! She wanted to ride bikes too!

I got a great video of Landon riding, but blogger is not cooperating and won't let me upload it right now. I will try again later!

UPDATED: Landon riding his bike, April 04, 2009
2 years 9 mos.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOO jealous, I want to be outside with the kiddies today! Great Pics...enjoy the rest of the weekend

Following Him said...

Cool...what a great job on that bike too :)

Mindy said...

What a little stud riding that bike!!! So cute!

Amanda said...

WTG, Landon! That is so impressive.. especially since my 7 year old still doesn't know how to ride a bike. Errr! Great pictures and video and I am LOVIN Brynne's outfit.