Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dirty Day!

Today we had a DIRTY day! (well...not all of us!)
This morning daddy took us on a short trip to a dairy farm! We didn't go there to learn about milk, or even to see the cows. We went for the poop! Yep, daddy is landscaping and needed some manure to make our grass grow strong and fast!
Landon stared out the window and watched daddy load the truck. Let me tell you this dairy farm smelled B.A.D...Bad! Mama stayed in the truck with the windows up tight and the air off!

Landon loves it when we write his or Brynne's names. This picture cracks me up because he is clearly happy that Mama wrote his name but he still wouldn't take his eyes off daddy outside of the truck!~

After a long day playing outside and 'helping' Dad it was bath time. Excuse Landon and his 'dirty in more ways than one look.' He was NOT happy that it was time to come in for the day.

Of course after a long day of hard play we need Popsicles in the tub!~

Such a messy faced tired little girl!~

Brynne's all clean, time for PJ's~

Landon's all clean! Time for PJ's~

Now time for HUGS...

...and KISSES~

And what was Daddy doing as Mama gave us our bath? STILL working outside on the landscaping! Our Daddy works so hard!~

These two play outside all day long whenever the weather is warm enough (and sometimes when it's not, if Daddy has his way!) They absolutely can't stand it when Travis is outside without them. I have seen a lot of tears from both of them when they have to stay inside. Here they are watching Daddy and asking over and over to go outside~

And, although this picture has nothing to do with our 'dirty day' I just happen to think it is the cutest thing ever! For a Mama who LOVES to clean this picture makes me laugh! Looks like Brynne is a natural!
Auntie Amy bought Landon this vacuum as a joke because he was scared of our real vacuum. He actually loved the toy and played with it all the time. I put it away, with a few other toys he had outgrown and pulled them all out this week for Brynne. The vacuum was an instant favorite for her and they both constantly fight over it play with it often!
Christmas Eve 2007, just 3 weeks before Brynne was born! Landon was 17 months in these pictures. He looks so small!

Hope everyone had a GREAT April Fools Day! I am so glad it is April and am hoping that Spring is now officially here!


Following Him said...

Glad today was great :)

Mindy said...

Those are the most beautiful, dirty kids I've ever seen!!!

Love them lovin' in their pj's!!! Just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had one of the best days ever! Love being outside too, even when it is stinky, the pics!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh what a fun and interesting day ... too funny about the smelly dirty farm but I am sure the kids loved it ... by the way - Love the new layout but can't read any of your text without highlighting it first ... just thought I'dlet you know!

Havea great day!