Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Facts!

  • I started some Easter projects with the kids today. Landon gets SO excited to do anything with Mama that involves anything crafty. Brynne gets SO excited to do anything with Landon. We had a lot of fun!
  • Travis is moving along quickly with the landscaping. The front yard is completely sprinkler ready and waiting for grass. The backyard sprinklers are about done too! Yay for grass for the summer so the kids can play in something besides dirt!
  • I am in LOVE with Starbucks' new Perfect Oatmeal! It is quick and easy and best of all cheap! For under $2.50 I can have a healthy breakfast on the go, perfect for this Mama! And what's even better, they serve it all day and it makes the perfect late night after work snack too! Yummy!
  • Is this not the best season of American Idol ever!? There are so many good contestants this year that my favorites keep changing! Right now I am loving Chris and Adam, and of course Danny. I am glad Megan went home this week and have been telling Travis since day one that she kind of annoyed me.
  • For whatever reason my mom gave me 2 boxes of girl scout cookies last week. Call it being nice, whatever, I call it sabotage! Anyway, I was pretty impressed that we still had both boxes in our pantry and neither Travis nor I had given in to a moment of weakness and eaten the entire box in one sitting. Well, that was until about 10 minutes ago when I stupidly decided to just have '2' thin mints! Ugh, ya right! I think I ate 10 of them and I can feel the start of a stomach ache! Whatever...blogging is stressful!
  • I'm really getting fed up with the weather! Our temperatures finally hit 'spring' levels and now for the last week we have had bad winds! If it's not freezing and wet out it's windy!? WTH? If I wanted this crap ass weather I'd move to the East coast. This is California for Pete's sake! (BTW, who the heck IS Pete???)
  • Today Brynne had another 'HUGE day in a girls life' moment! Care to take a guess as to which 'Mama and me' milestone we hit? I will post pictures later tonight!
  • I am actually off both Saturday and Sunday this weekend and am SO excited for the needed relaxation and family time! We have plans both Saturday and Sunday already so I know the weekend will fly by, but I am so looking forward to spending time with family and friends!

Yay for Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

You are toooo funny! This was a great post, and I TOTALLY agree with you on the winds, they are wicked today, hate it! So windy, looks like its foggy outside! Well, enjoy your weekend and have some deserved fun with the family...

Amanda said...

Ugh to this weather. Fortunately we don't have the winds but we have the overcast cold crap. Supposedly it is going to be nice on Sunday.. well, it BETTER! I am tired of being cold. Can't wait to see what Brynna's milestone is and can't wait to see you on Sunday!! Matt started jumping up and down when I told him today that Landon was coming Sunday. He wanted to make sure Yandon's Daddy and Brynne were coming too. ;)