Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday!

Brynne's Easter ear infection turned into a full blown viral infection. Poor girl has infections in both ears, a runny nose and sore throat and a rash that covers 90% of her body. I took her to see her Dr. yesterday and she is now on antibiotics and feeling a little better today. This is the first time she has been sick and like everything else in her life she sure does know how to work the dramatic flare!

Landon refused to go to sleep last night unless I left his light on. So I left the damn light on and he went right to sleep, go figure. Then both times he woke me up to take him potty he didn't want to go back to bed without the light on. Let me tell you how fantastic it is to get into a yelling match with your 2 year old at 3 in the morning. Especially while your husband remains oblivious to all the commotion and doesn't feel the need to EVER get up in the middle of the night with the kids. Lovely.

It's windy as hell again, and frankly I am SICK of it! I need to move and live somewhere where there is absolutely no wind. I HATE the wind. I can deal with the cold and snow. Rain, no problem. But the wind, not so much. There really is no point to it except to piss me off.

I am still not finished painting Landon's room. I am painting blue and green in a single stripe pattern on one wall. After some wonderful 'stripe painting tips' from my sweet friend Amanda I am thrilled with the way it is turning out. I ran out of blue paint though and cannot continue until I run to Home Depot. I am so looking forward to standing at the paint counter for 30 minutes like an idiot HOPING that somebody happens to be working in the paint department that day. Home Depot sucks, is always severely understaffed and it takes a freaking hour to get one quart or paint. I can't imagine needing a gallon, how long would I have to wait for that?!

I am so excited for summer to be here. I am really looking forward to the HOT weather, but not only that...I think the kids are both at ages now where we can do so much more. Last summer Brynne was only 4-8 months old and it was hard to do anything outside that didn't involve a stroller for her to ride in. We already have made camping reservations near Yosemite for August, and are hopefully going to plan a trip to Florida to visit Travis' parents. I can't wait to take the kids to the beach and the zoo. YAY for April being halfway over already!

In less than 3 months Landon will be 3 years old! How the heck did that happen? Time is flying by and I am watching it go with my mouth wide open in shock! I can't believe that he is 3 already. Geesh, kinda makes me sad! Better start planning his birthday party.

Work has been slowing down a lot lately. I have been working more days a week, but fewer hours each day. This economy is not so good for a restaurant whose main menu item tends to be lobster! On a positive note I am grateful for the shorter shifts. It's nice to be home before 7p most days, so that I can give the kids their baths and put them to bed. It's also nice for me to give Travis that break, seeing as how he sleeps through the night, every night can get a little tired of the kids and their 'pre-bed' routine!

Only one more day until the weekend!! Happy Thursday everyone (:


Anonymous said...

HI!!! So glad you stopped by to meet us today!!! You're family is adorable as well!!! I love Brynne's name..We had that name picked out if we would of had a girl the 3rd time around...!!! funy!!! I to will be stopping by again...Hope you are having a great week despite the sickness in your house!!! NO fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen. sister......Let me tell you, besides all the "viral" "freaking" SO SICK of the wind....HATE it......:( really.....sorry about Brynne....I sure hope that she starts feeling better, I know, it has taken "a l o n g" time to even start feeling like a human being......take care....

James and Laura said...

Wow!! What a rant Cow!! You should get more sleep at night. You're cranky.

just kidding. love you

let's definately get together the beginning of may when you're here. Gimmie details!

Amanda said...

Okay, I'm cracking up at your cranky pants self. ;) Sorry Brynnie doesn't feel good. It's horrible and takes a lot out of YOU as the Mama.. going through it myself last week was NOT fun. Somehow we all managed to stay well through his sick self -knocks on wood-!!! Glad your stripes are coming out how you wanted. I can't wait to see his room!! I'd have to accidently elbow the hubs if he never helped out at night. LOL ;) Move to Yucca-Pie.. no wind here... except the day of the shower... lmao.

Amanda said...

Oh yeah.. I did get your email last night but am just now getting online since last night. I will writecha back soon! ;)

The Monfort 3 said...

Just had to high-five on the wind!! I think I would rather live through 110 degree days or 3 feet of snow every day than the wind. I know that's a bit harsh, but I HATE the wind. Right there with ya sister!!!!

Oh yeah... & bring on the summer!!!!