Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DAT Bear Mama!!!

I guess Landon had a dream last night. He woke Travis and I this morning babbling about wanting to see 'Dat bear.' He was in our master bathroom pointing up to the skylight. He asked over and over to see 'Dat bear, dat's flying up dare.' I kept telling him that there was no bear. It was a story that was in his head while he was sleeping.
Landon: "Mama I see dat bear dat's waaay up dare." pointing to the skylight.
Mama: "What bear Landon? There is no bear up there."
Landon: "Dat bear right dare. Flying up dare, waaaay up high Mama. Dat bear!" pointing still
Mama: "Landon there is NO bear up there. You had a dream. There was a story in your head while you were sleeping."
Landon: (clearly sick of trying to explain it to Mama): "DADA, I see DAT BEAR, way up dare."
Dada: "Where buddy? Show daddy the bear."
Landon: "Right dare Dada!!!" Pointing up still
Dada and Mama: "There is NO bear Landon!!"
So, how do you explain a dream to a 2 1/2 year old. LOL, it was pretty funny the first few minutes. But Landon has been up for an hour and a half now and he is still asking to see 'Dat bear, waaay up dare."


Amanda said...

We had this problem a few weeks ago with spiders. He would not sleep in his bed til I convinced him that I cleaned it. That seemed to satisfy him but he talked about it for days. Then one day I was putting him down for his nap he pointed to his wall and ceiling behind his bed and got all excited and said "you cleaned the spiders Mama, yay!"

Then another night he screamed and came out of his room crying. When I picked him up he was begging me not to put him in the bath. He must of had a bad dream about the bath, but by the morning forgot about it cause I had no problem putting him in the bath that morning.

It's amazing that their lil minds actually DREAM. Don't laugh, but I just look at them as being so little that they don't remember dreams and stuff like that. LOL

Travis should have lifted him up to show him out the window. He'll probably be talking about it for DAYS as well.

Pam said...

Um, this is one of those times when it may just be a good idea to lie. Say, "OH! THAT Bear! I see it, too... but it is too far away! I don't think he wants to come down. Lets wave goodbye to that bear, and maybe he can come visit us again sometime!" It never hurts to play along and see if you can convince him to say goodbye to the bear...
Then again, it is a lie, and is a lie ever okay? Eh- you decide...

Mindy said...

I love your Landon stories!!! What a cutie with so much personality!

mama's smitten said...

What a cute story!

Jennifer said... cute. My son did the same thing when he was about 4 yrs old, but it was something about a deer jumping through his window, etc. etc. I love your blogs the birds! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Landon is a "Bear Whisperer." There might be a supernatural TV series in this!

Don't let him get into the habit of sleeping with a light on. My cousin never could break that habit, even when she went off to college. Became a major issue when she got married and she had to have the light on... and he couldn't sleep with a light on, etc.

He'll outgrow this stage. I can clearly remember some nightmares I had when I was a kid. For some reason, they are the scariest!

Love to all the Staleys!