Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brynne's "ever increasing" mobility

Reason # 112 why I NEVER get anything done during the day...

You'll notice the funny thing she is doing with her tongue in the 2nd picture. Lately she has been playing with her tongue all day long. She always has it twisted or sticking out. It seems as if she has just realized that it is there, too cute!

And while explaining the pictures I should note that the couch featured in the last photo is freakin ugly not exactly my style and should IN NO WAY reflect the taste of either myself or my husband! This couch was loaned to us because we had an out of town guest and needed a sofa bed! Thank you for your time (:


Amanda said...

Ok, I am LMFAO right now.. it's just too late for me to be doing that.

Now let me catch my breath.. she looks like brother in that hat. :D

How do you do the cross out?

Erin said...

Such a big girl now!