Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Pictures

Oh to sleep like a baby...

Playing is baby sister's toy...he thinks it is SO fun!

I am so lucky, I get to walk into this happy baby girl after every nap~

Sweet kisses from big brother (he has his binky because he had just gotten up from his nap~

No decent brother and sister pic this week, thanks to little miss 'I can never sit still'

A few pictures from our fun trip to Chuck E. Cheese's this past Saturday. Landon had SO much fun and ran from game to game~


Amanda said...

Love these babies of yours! Our next playdate that is hot we need to go to CEC! It's not even crowded during the week. LOL

jill marie said...

Those 2 kids have the sweetest baby gerber faces... I could squeeeeeze their cheeks!