Sunday, September 14, 2008


We had such a GREAT day! We had a birthday party at our house for my sister Amy and it was SO fun! Travis and I are both so lucky to have such wonderful, loving family around us all the time. I am BIG on spending time with family and feel so blessed that we all get along, and actually tolerate really like each other! When Amy married Nathan this past June we were lucky, again, to become such a part of his HUGE family! Today we shared a special day for Amy with my parents, our best friend, my Uncle, Nathan's parents, Nathan's FOUR brothers, one of their wives, one of their girlfriends, Nathan's sister, and his nieces and nephews, not to mention a few close friends who stopped by to say hi. We had SO much food, and SO much fun!! Take a look~

The birthday girl with her homemade ice cream cake, YUMMY~

Amy and Nathan...still in that "Newlywed" stage~

Princess Brynna, ready to party~

Besties for life~

Myna (that's what Landon calls her!) and Landon, his eyes are 1/2 closed but cute anyway~

WOW! Auntie let Landon play with all her balloons~

Me and my babies~

Auntie and Landon playing outside~

Mama and Landon, taking a break to eat~

Our family..(Contrary to popular belief, Landon does occasionally wear clothes!)~

Brynna tasting Grandma's Iced Tea, LOL~

Amy and I with our dad~

... and with our Mom~

My sweet girl...she'll be walking in no time~

Experimenting with their inner 'rock stars' ~

Hard to be a badass drummer with that birthday hat!

Nathan's mom Elaine with Brynne~

Landon and Savannah drummin' away~

Uncle Mike Rockin' out with the kids, Brayden on 'air drums', Savannah lead vocals, and Landon on drums~

This was almost 10pm and he wanted to keep playing! He had SO much fun banging on those drums~

Auntie is SO sweet...she even let Landon keep her balloons~

We had a nice, fun day and LOVED spending time with our family and closest friends. Happy 29th birthday Amy...can't wait to see what this year brings for all of us (:

And to my faithful blog readers...hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!!


Amanda said...

Nothin better then a family that knows how to throw a good party! Looks like it was a great success.
I have that shirt you are wearing in red and white. ;)

Mindy said...

HOW FUN!!! Looks like ya'll had a BLAST! How sweet of you to host your sister's partay! Looked like my kind of time!

Your little Princess sure looked cute!!!