Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick Update...

Today was a much better day for this Mama! As you read, Landon was sick all day Friday. Well as soon as Daddy got home from work Friday evening Landon was FINE! Seriously, 100% fine...riding his bike, asking for Peanut butter and jelly! Hello, WTH? How is this fair? I am beginning to think that Landon and Daddy have some secret pact that all instances of Poop, Puke, and Attitude will only occur while Daddy is at work! Needless to say Saturday was a much better day at the Staley house!

We had a great, relaxing weekend not doing much of anything! I have a million pictures to post but my lovely new laptop doesn't 'recognize' our camera any longer and I can't get any pics to upload! Our computer will be taking a vacation to the Geek Squad, and will hopefully come back refreshed and ready to work!

Sadly I have to keep this post short, The AMAZING Race is on, and I just can't pull my attention away from the TV long enough to put a decent thought together! But thank you all for thinking of me...and Landon! Mama's sweet boy is back to his old self, cracking us up all day long!

Be Back Tomorrow!