Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HAPPY 29th Birthday AMY!!

November 2006, 4 months after Landon was born!

Auntie and Landon on 06-07-08 Amy's wedding day

I am blessed in many ways in my life. I have a wonderful, happy life filled with amazing friends and family. One of the most amazing people I have in my life is my sister, Amy. As far back as I can remember Amy has been a huge part of my life. She is my younger (only 18 months), thinner, prettier little sister! We are complete opposites in most ways, but somehow draw strength from that and have a very close friendship.

Amy and I Yosemite 2003, I think?
Amy and I 1998

We have gotten along and been pretty close our whole lives, minus the normal fights in high school over clothes and the telephone! Amy and I have completely opposite taste in men too, so luckily that was never a fight either, LOL. Where I am organized Amy is messy, where she is compassionate I am judgemental, where I am skeptical she is too trusting, where I am uptight she is laid back. We compliment each other in most situations, but are so different. There are many things that Amy loves in her life... her family, her animals, CANDY (this girl has the biggest sweet tooth ever!) but most of all she LOVES my babies as if they were her own!

Auntie and Landon when he was about 4 months old

Auntie and Brynne this summer

I couldn't ask for a better sister to be a wonderful, patient, kind, loving Auntie to Landon and Brynne. Amy is there for us whenever we need her, and luckily for me she lives only 5 minutes away! She will drop anything to babysit and will do everything possible to help out with the kids. We are so lucky to have amazing family like Auntie Amy!

Amy and I February 2007

Auntie and Landon July 2008, Landon's 2nd birthday

Since Landon was born he has had a special bond with Auntie Amy. She is his BEST friend and his little face lights up so bright whenever he sees her. Auntie and Grandma have been the only other people, besides Mama, that Landon has always been completely at ease and comfortable with. Auntie spoils Landon and lets him get into whatever he wants! Whether it's pulling every last sponge out of her drawer in the kitchen, or playing with her cell phone, no matter how expensive it is! He knows he can always go to Auntie with an 'Owie' and always have someone to kiss it better as many times as he wants!

Amy and Nathan engaged! May 2008

4th of July, 2008

I am lucky to call Amy my sister, and also my best friend. Landon and Brynne are lucky to call her Auntie.

Bachelorette Party! May 2008

Goofing Off April 2007

May 2007 in Clair's wedding


Happy Birthday!


Mindy said...

You and your sister are both BEAUTIFUL!!! What a sweet post! There is nothing like a sister or an auntie! I really enjoyed reading about your sister & you.

Amanda said...

Aww, what a nice post. You both are beautiful. Hot sista's! ;) Happy Birthday to your sister!

Erin said...

Looking a your post reminds me of my sister and I! I feel bad that Brenna won't be able to experience that special bond that I have with my sister. Maybe I will adopt =) Happy Birthday Amy!!