Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crackers and Boo Boo's

The little miss becomes more and more mobile and gets into more and more things as each day passes. This is causing a problem for Landon, and it appears we have a snack 'stealer' in the house. Yesterday Landon called loudly for Mama and then said "NO baby, NO NO!" This is what I found! And believe me as soon as she was caught Brynna was SHOVING these crackers into her mouth! She just new Mama was going to take them away!

Case in point~

And here's little man's eye right after the incident yesterday~

And here it is two hours after that when he woke up from his nap~

And here's the eye this morning, not nearly as bad or swollen as yesterday...and no black eye!


Mindy said...

Bless Landon's little heart! I hope it is lots better today.

And Little Miss B! I am lauging at her stuffing those crackers! Funny stuff!!!

Joy said...

Thanks for following my blog! Your kids are ADORABLE!!!!!