Friday, September 19, 2008

I need a Vacation!!

Ummm Ya, so I definitely know that God has a sense of humor, and is most likely trying to teach me a lesson on mommyhood. Either that or Landon is trying his darnedest to turn Mama into a drinker!! He did IT again! Yep.Poop. Everywhere. Again. I have no idea how to discipline a 2 year old who finds it fun and entertaining to play in their own waste. Last time he did this, just a few days ago, I talked to him about how we don't play with our poo poo, and that it is yucky! He seemed to understand and acted like he was sad and disappointed in himself. This time I saw the mess..which was WAY worse btw, and I told him to get in the shower and then he was getting a spanking. He was instantly upset to get a spanking from Mama. As a general 'rule' Travis and I don't usually spank Landon, unless he has done something really bad, or is being mean to his sister...or if he plays out in the road, mostly we pick our battles. I mean C'mon, if we spanked him every time we "needed" it would have no effect on him at all. He's 2, he's a boy, he gets into everything! So I put him in the shower, got my disposable rubber gloves and headed back into his room. It only took me 30 minutes to clean up this time, but I am far from being done. I have to wait for Travis to get home from work because both the kids are trying to get in their to see what I am doing. I am beyond wanting to deal with keeping them out of there while I clean the carpet (again!)

The part that really makes me upset is that Landon is potty trained! He has been for a few months now and he goes ALL day long with no accidents. He tells us every time he has to pee or poop and he does so on the big potty. We put him to bed with a Pull-Up because he can't hold his pee all night and I was sick of changing his bedding constantly. I was going to let him grow a little bit and get used to waking himself up to potty before I try and train him to wear underwear to bed. Today, and I mean asap, I am headed to Target, the mall, even Wal-Mart if I have to. I am on a Mama mission to find "onesies" in size 2T or 24 months. From now on he will be snapped into that damn Pull-Up! He still can't undo the snaps on a onesie and this is the only way I can think of to keep his Pull-Up on. He is doing this crap (literally) when he wakes up, early before Mama is awake, and playing quietly until he is bored or hungry and then calls Mama to see his work! Any other Mommy suggestions out there are much needed too!

I am SO glad it is Friday. At least Travis will be here with me tomorrow morning, I doubt I can do this 3 times in one week! Hope you all have a great weekend (:


Amanda said...

Oh you poor mama. The onsies worked for my boys when they'd pull those tricks. They never could get them unsnapped. Target and Walmart both sell onsies up to 36 months I believe. Matt can fit into 18 month ones so I know Landon would have no problem. Good luck!

Sarah said...

We went through a phase like that too! Fun times :) I'd have some great suggestions if he was still in diapers, but not for a pull-up. It makes for a good blog entry though and someday (likely a far off someday!) you'll laugh about it.

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Oh gosh Rebecca! I wish I knew what to tell you on this. The onesies sound like a good idea. Children's Place has them too. Keep us posted!

Mindy said...

Girl! Bless your heart! Knock on wood, this is one thing I haven't had to deal with...VERY surprisingly...I think it might be the only thing.

I think the onesies sound like a good idea.

You know of course that with Travis home this weekend, Landon won't pull that stunt! Just how that works!!!

Erin said...

My goodness! I feel your pain.. Just a regular smooth day is a challenge with two kiddo's, but starting a day off like that is rough. Were you able to find some onsies? Someday (maybe) you can look back and laugh or at least have a great story for his future girlfriend/wife =)